We are developing and improving the structural biology research environment
using the high-brilliance synchrotron radiation at SPring-8.

Anouncement about MX beamline

BL41XU, BL45XU (2019/9/13 Update)
BL26B1, B2 (2017/9/30 Update)

Public Beamline

Structual Biology Ⅰ Beamline:BL41XU

→ Go to the SPring-8 HP(BL41XU)

Structual Biology Ⅲ Beamline:BL45XU

→ Go to the SPring-8 HP(BL45XU))

RIKEN Beamlines

RIKEN Structural Genomics Beamline I & II:BL26B1 & B2

→ Go to BL26B1/BL26B2 page of SPring-8
→Go to BL26B1/BL26B2 page

RIKEN Targeted Proteins:BL32XU

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